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By phone

Prefer to make your reservation via phone or have a group of 7 or more? Please call 612.276.6523.



Special events, weddings & Private Parties

Icehouse is available for corporate events, weddings & receptions, and other special occasions. Please email


Chef's Table

Seats up to 8

Join us at the Chef's Table for a special, custom menu prepared by Chef Matthew Bickford and team. The Chef’s table also serves as a great spot for private business meetings.


CHEF'S TABLE & Chef's Bar

Chef's Bar

Join us at the Chef’s Bar and watch the show in the kitchen. Heckle the Chef and buy his staff a 6-pack of beer. Traverse the menu via either the Chef’s 10-course ($50) tasting menu or 5-course ($35) tasting menu. Add drink pairings for $5 per course. The tasting menu is only available at the Chef's bar or Chef's table. Reservations are suggested.

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Call 612.276.6523 to make a reservation.