Swordfish Raviolo with Black Olive, Carrot, and Olive Oil

“It started with the Swordfish,”

Executive Chef Matt Bickford and his team at Icehouse have created an exciting new Spring menu. One of the standout dishes is the Swordfish Raviolo. Chef Bickford talked about the process of creating this new dish. “It started with the swordfish…I’ll start by talking to purveyors, farmers, and fish mongers. I’ll talk to Tim and Chris at Coastal Seafood to find out what’s looking good and what’s going to be stable for the Spring.”

“Keep it sexy,”

“The swordfish gets lightly cured with a little bit of salt, sugar, pink salt and rosemary. It is then poached for 35 minutes at 52 degrees celsius. The swordfish is cooked to medium doneness. “we wanted to catch it before it cooks too far because you know, you want to keep it sexy inside the ravioli.” Describes Chef Bickford.

Scratch made pasta dough is rolled out to just the right thickness, brushed with water and then measured for portions. There is just over an ounce of swordfish in each ravioli.

The swordfish ravioli are then dropped into a pot of water brought to a vigorous boil. The chef states that timing is everything. That timing comes with years and years of experience. After they are removed from the water they are lightly cooked in a pan with olive oil before being plated.

A perfect balance of flavors and textures.

The four Raviolo are plated and garnished with in-house preserved lemons for an acidic component. Crunchy sun-dried black olives and puree and texture and a bitter-raisiny taste while the sweetness of the smooth carrot puree brings the entire dish together. Locally grown watercress, salt and a great olive oil finish this decedent dish off.

Swordfish Raviolo with black olive, carrot and olive oil. Available now at Icehouse.

Text & Photos by Mike Madison.