Tyto Alba is a four-piece band consisting of Melanie Steinway, Matt Rossi, Andrew Bair and Danny DiMarchi. The band's melding of indie-rock, shoegaze, and dream-pop influences, in conjunction with Steinway's distinct and heartfelt vocals, place Tyto's sound alongside modern acts like Alvvays, Japanese Breakfast, Jay Som and Mitski. The four members became good friends over a period of several years through the Denver music scene before finding themselves in a project together. Tyto Alba's lyrical content often touches upon sensitive subject matter like addiction, sexism, and modern isolation. Lush, melodic guitar parts submerge the listener as songs roller coaster from somber to outright dancy. It's difficult to miss the underlying friendship tying the members and the music together, and there have even been rumors that they're all distantly blood-related. After going on several tours and releasing a handful of EPs and singles, the band is currently at work on their debut LP with renowned local engineer Colin Bricker of Mighty Fine Productions, a studio with a recording roster that includes Devotchka, Tennis and Esme Patterson. 




Beasthead is an electronic indie rock band from Minneapolis, MN. They came together in an effort to create a sound that could speak to the unusually eclectic common ground they found in their shared artistic interests. Drawing from their past musical experiences and current influences, Beasthead's music "boldly stands apart from much of what is happening in the current Twin Cities music scene" (CITY PAGES, 03/27/14). In the spring of 2017, Beasthead released their sophomore EP, I Owe You For This, co-produced by Ryan Olcott. Uniquely merging elements from several genres, the EP creates a cyclically fleeting sense of familiarity, making it both contagious, yet hard to pin down.




"Surging instrumentation swirls and cajoles for space as woozy frequencies battle clandestine reverberations for the right to accompany a truly melodious vocal line as it meanders out into the ether...Brilliant Beast wage a sonic war of attrition looping and arcing in and out of heavy shoegaze at will." - Primal Music