Foreign Motion is a combination of four separate musical forces with very diverse musical backgrounds. While all four members are active players in the Twin Cities music scene, they hail from vastly different parts of the world. 

All four members draw from their own musical backgrounds to create the unique sound of this ensemble. The creative rhythmic variations of the drums dance in harmony with the powerful syncopations of the bass as if the two elements were one and the same. Meanwhile, the colorful voicings of the piano are engaged by the infectious guitar melodies. All elements are blended together and served in an explosive performance.

Foreign Motion members have worked with prominent artists of nearly every genre including: The Blind Boys of Alabama, Acoustic Alchemy, Bootsy Collins, Questlove, Alexander O’Neal, Jef Lee Johnson, Darnell Davis and The Remnant, New Sound Underground, and many more. Together, they bring listeners on a journey of sound and groove exploration. Their complex Modern sounds are complimented by minimalism and simplicity. 

Foreign Motion is a musical force that simply can’t be ignored.