Members: Founders Joe Horton, Peter Pisano, Robert Mulrennan, Graham O'Brien and Casey O'Brien have played improv sets at Honey, The Dakota Jazz Club, and in Peter Pisano's living room. Always joined by a special guest or two, Coloring Time has an ever-changing lineup as transient at the group's music including: Adam Svec Alexei Casselle (Kill the Vulture, Roma Di Luna) Benson Ramsey (The Pines) Bobby Mulrennan (No Bird Sing, Emot, Chastity Brown) Brian Moen (Peter Wolf Crier, Laarks, Shouting Matches) Casey O'Brien (Face Candy) Chastity Brown Chris Cunningham (Mississippi Peace) David Huckfelt (The Pines) Graham O'Brien (No Bird Sing, Junkyard Empire) Jake Hanson (Halloween, Alaska, Minneapolis Dub Ensemble) Jeremy Ylvisaker (Alpha Consumer, Guitar Party Andrew Bird) Joe Horton (No Bird Sing) JT Bates (The Pines, Alpha Consumer) Martin Dosh Maya Ylvisaker (Guitar Party) Michelle Kenny (Jello Slave) Mike Rossetto (Pines, Spaghetti Western String Co.) Peter Pisano (Peter Wolf Crier) Chris Keller (Kristoff Krane)