$10 advance / $12 at the door

9pm showtime

Taylor James Donskey:

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2020 will mark the release of the debut record "Paper Over It” by Taylor James Donskey. This eponymous effort marks the beginning for a new storyteller. You’ll find room enough in each tune to sit back and enjoy not only a catchy melody, but resounding themes and well worn harmonies.

With every new adventure, new people. And with every new friend, new perspectives. Drawing on human connection, with a renewed energy for a life now countless with stories, Donskey has set out to tell the tale of someone other than himself. The world can offer the unique and the mundane, but our lives have value either way and the stories that go along with us have much to say.

In the latest, and debut effort, 'Paper Over It' he offers a glimpse into the lives of everyday people, and the worlds they live in. Uncluttered melodies over a lived in sound give a space for their stories, uplifting the hopes and relationships these people have with one another. These songs are the lasting impressions left by simple, impactful living.

Each song has a story. Some lay very near and dear, while some are like bright light far away, guiding us somewhere. If you ask him for the story, he'll abide. He's not too fond of talking, but he'll get going with a little nudge. He'd much rather be singing though.