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photo credit: Diana Soderholm

photo credit: Diana Soderholm

WANAKU is a visionary musical entrepreneur, music composer, producer, consultant, arranger, bandleader and performer on electric bass, voice and guitar. He is also a professional tech engineer – computing and multi-media technology.

WANAKU is originally from the Cameroons, West Africa, a state with hundreds of tribal cultures.

WANAKU was raised in KOM Kingdom (Estd. +-1730), Population: 300,000, a tribe of closely knit families with specific customs/traditions and a rich Musical culture.

WANAKU worked as Talent Agent for Nigerian TV Channel 6 Music Programs. This was a gateway to experience performances by artists of all or most music styles of West Africa – from the Morna of Capo Verde to Zouk and Compa of the Caribbean, through the Griot or storytelling cultures and rhythms of Gambia, Senegal, the pentatonic strings and wind instruments of the Tuareg tribes of the Sahel in Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, to Afro-beat and Juju music in Yoruba-land in Western Nigeria, and the home-grown Highlife and indigenous music of the Igbos and Ibiobios of Eastern Nigeria.

As a Producer with the TV of the Cameroons later in his career, WANAKU had similar experiences with all or most of the music styles within the Central African States, especially music from the Congo. In sum, WANAKU has experience and a good handle on Sub-Sahara African music.

WANAKU gives lessons and consults on African music. He leads music workshops in the way his grandpa taught him: “use the least amount of instruments to create mesmerizing rhythms ... then watch how you dance to what you play; if you can't dance it, why play it?”

WANAKU Statement on “playing” African Music: African music is mostly rhythm-based. Playing any instrument in this context without a good grasp of the rhythm base can cause grief (sometimes).