$10 advance / $12 at the door

11pm showtime


Sponsored by Radio K


Purple Funk Metropolis:


Purple Funk Metropolis is a charismatic six-piece instrumental band with a lively sound inspired by rock, jazz, funk, and old-school soul. With driving melodies at the forefront of the groove they build the party from the ground up with every performance. Whether in a Como basement or a downtown dive bar, Purple Funk's energy notoriously gets the whole room dancing.

From the raw energy of “Morsels” (May 2017) to the explosive, vintage sounds of “Mumbojumbotron” (July 2018) and the artisan-woven “Magic Carpet” (December 2018), the many flavors of Purple Funk leave your palette cleansed and thirsty for more.

With their soon-to-be-released twin EPs "COOKIN!" and "CRUISIN!", rest assured PFM is always keeping it silly, keeping it light, keeping it funky, and keeping it tight.

McNasty Brass Band:


McNasty Brass Band is a collection of Minneapolis/Saint Paul based horn players and percussionists that fuse the Minneapolis sound with the spirit of New Orleans. The outcome of this fusion is hard-hitting dance music and high-energy live shows.  Each player works outside McNasty Brass Band as a side-man, some with national and international touring acts. That’s what makes McNasty special-- these side-men come together and showcase their compositions, solos, group vocals, and stage presence as front-men. “McNasty Brass Band is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t make fun of the kid who is super into trumpet in 5th grade”