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In the fall of 2018, David Huckfelt left behind the familiar—the comfort of his home in Minneapolis; the camaraderie of his critically acclaimed band, The Pines; the luxuries of heat, hot water, and electricity—and relocated to Isle Royale, America’s most remote and least visited national park in mighty Lake Superior. Six hours by boat off the Michigan coast, Isle Royale is the largest island in the world’s largest freshwater lake, an isolated stretch of wilderness seemingly forgotten by the 20th century. There, as an Artist In Residence selected by the National Park Service, Huckfelt spent ten hours a day for two straight weeks writing in solitude, channeling the mysterious and lonesome island’s spirits into his stunning debut solo album, ‘Stranger Angels.’

Billy Sedlmayr:

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For over three decades now Billy Sedlmayr has been deep in the fabric of Tucson music, from his early days as an underage drummer playing dusty bars long since gone with punk rock pioneers The Pedestrians, then with Giant Sandworms, today's Giant Sand, laying down the blueprint for Tucson music.

A life hard lived,over a decade in the Az.State prison leaves his songs whittled down with an empathy and sound from the south west & its border to mexico that is uniquely his, one that can be found on both of his solo releases. ‘Charmed Life', released in 2016,which received international acclaim and special mention by Greil Marcus. The 2019 follow up 'Harlem River Drive' also produced by Gabriel Sullivan is gaining accolades from here & in Europe affirming what any listener will will find for themselves - that Sedlmayr's days in music are just getting started...