$12 cover

9pm showtime



Saltee presents a benefit show for Musicians Rising for Climate Justice, a series of shows to support the climate justice organization, MN350. 

This will be a special night of words and music. We are thrilled to be joined by some very special guests for this show! Poet Strong Buffalo and Dakota Dean Peters (harmonica) will open the night with a short set, followed by Saltee. Then to cap off the night, the AMAZING Venus DeMars!! So psyched for this!! 

MN350 unites Minnesotans as part of a global movement to end the pollution damaging our climate, speed the transition to clean energy, and create a just and healthy future for all."We seek to transition from an extractive economy based on fossil fuels and consumption to a sustainable, life-affirming economy with energy from the wind and sun. We insist leaders act boldly to expedite that transition. We work to guarantee that benefits flow first to marginalized communities that are historically excluded from economic gain. We seek to build sustainable energy, transportation and food systems that protect our health and the health of our communities.” Learn more about MN350 here: https://mn350.org/ 

Who is Saltee? This is crazy! Where’d that sound come from? Guitar? Cello? Beatbox? Sparks fly from this unlikely combination in the trickery that is SALTEE. The trio draws influence from funk, orchestral, hip-hop, rock, pop, world beat, American roots music and jazz improvisation. By blending these varied styles together, deconstructing and reconstructing original tunes along with a few select covers, Saltee creates a layered assortment of delicious and unexpected candy for the ears. If you like bullet trains, roller coasters, zip lines, funny mirrors and consider Halloween your favorite holiday, you'll dig Saltee! Members are; Jacqueline Ultan/cello, Carnage/beatboxing & percussion and Mike Michel/guitar & gizmos.