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9pm showtime

Timbre Ghost:


The music of Timbre Ghost is best described as moody, contemplative, immediate and intimate. At times, Dustin Tessier’s songs take on a dirge-like quality, often courting the line between introspection and exploration of the hidden corners of the psyche. The songs are melodic and Americana-infused, with plenty of space for each instrument to breathe. Among numerous influences, Timbre Ghost draws inspiration from the likes of Low, Neil Young, Haley, Gram Parsons, and Wilco. 

About Life, Death, & Disintegration:

You're not alone. This is the fundamental truth that pervades Life, Death, & Disintegration.

Fitting then, that the album sees songwriter Dustin Tessier joined by a cast of musicians from across the Minnesota scene, including Chris Bierden of Poliça, Alan Sparhawk of Low, Mary Bue, Al Church, Joe Gamble, & Wayne Sayres.

At its core, this album is about seeking connections with people, but it’s also about the times in life when those connections seem impossible—when every thought is both a calculation of distance between oneself and others and an admission of failure to bridge the gap.

Musically, Life, Death, & Disintegration represents a further refinement of the Americana-influenced rock sound of Timbre Ghost’s first EP, The Ledger. The album flows smoothly, augmented by psychedelic interludes that tie the songs together thematically.

As with the earlier EP, Tessier sings and plays nearly all instruments, with Bierden laying down bass tracks for every song, and guests handling backup vocals, piano, and saxophone.
Recorded and mixed by Neil Weir at Blue Bell Knoll Studios, and mastered at Microphonic by Bruce Temple- ton, the album is perfectly suited to the LP format. 



LOTT is the solo project of Minneapolis musician, Leah Ottman (We Are The Willows).

Loosely categorized as "Classical Experimental Violin," LOTT has been exploring songwriting with the personal lens of a former orchestra nerd turned singer songwriter and indie musician. One side of her songwriting style draws inspiration from Romantic Period composers like Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, Ravel and Borodin. The violin looping and technical side of her songs have been compared to Andrew Bird and Kishi Bashi, topped with clean alto vocal melodies with melancholy undertones.

Jeremy Ylvisaker:

Jeremy Ylvisaker is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, teacher who has worked with John Prine, Jenny Lewis, Bon Iver, Andrew Bird, Sandra Bernhard, Damo Suzuki (Can), members of Prince’s New Power Generation, Mouse on Mars, Swamp Dogg, The Suburbs, film maker Chuck Statler ("The Truth About Devolution"), Merce Cunningham dance company, and many others playing on five continents in venues such as the Sydney Opera House, Carnegie Hall, The Cape Town Jazz Festival, The Ed Sullivan Theater (The Late Show with David Letterman), and other television programs including Austin City Limits and the Colbert Report. He composes and improvises a variety of instrumental music, some of which to accompany dance performances such as Chris Schlicting’s “Stripe Tease", some of which for use in films such as “Reframed: Forgotten Film Remembered”, "Pitchfork Unsung: Dan Corrigan", and "Rhythmic" (feat. Andrew Bird). Some just for listening while you do your thing.

Jeremy put out 2 solo records in 2017 (Malibu Hymnal and Dimebag) as well several as a member of the group Alpha Consumer.