$10 cover

6pm showtime

all ages


Northing.4.19.2018 (1 of 5).jpg

Northing and Realtree are chamber quintets that play composed and improvised music.  Northing is releasing their first album, Hill Spell.   Realtree will improvise and play compositions from ‘Splendor Falls On Everything Around’ by Noah Ophoven-Baldwin. 

Northing is

Aaron Hedenstrom - Alto Sax
Mara Syman - Alto Sax
Nick Syman - Trombone
Josh Becker - Bass Trombone
Pete James Johnson - Drums



Realtree is

Michelle Kinney - cello

Carley Olson Kokal - Bb clarinet

Noah Ophoven-Baldwin - cornet 

Patrick Marschke - laptop

Adam Zahller - guitar