$8 cover

9pm showtime

Terminator Jeans:


Terminator Jeans is the most engrossing, progressive and spiritually satisfying musical collaboration ever in the history of the human race. This audio communion is conducted by three clerics of note: Diamond Dave Power, Patthew McKuehnehay, and Uncle Benjamin Hinz.

Ben Hinz: guitar, effects, synth 
Pat Keen: bass, effects
Dave Power: drums



Alex Bissen is an electroacoustic musician and sound designer who performs and collaborates as IOSIS. Working primarily with hardware synthesis means and techniques, Alex creates gnarled soundscapes and lush atmospheric and ritualistic sonic experiences. Initially conceived as a fully improvisational entity, IOSIS has morphed into a flexible and malleable platform for expression that is equally capable and liable of operating from a strictly compositional or boldly improvisational approach. The music of IOSIS welcomes elements of drone, noise, and ambient musical forms and textures alongside more traditional compositional structures and considerations. Most importantly, IOSIS exists asa vehicle for constant experimentation and redefinition of boundaries and perceptions of what is and what is not possible in his chosen mode of musically performative and emotionally transmutational artistic practice.