11am to 2pm

Greg Herriges:


Guitarist, bouzoukist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer Greg Herriges creates an eclectic mix of original and traditional "whirled music," with a unique approach honed by his studies of Asian and other international styles. A virtuoso performer and award-winning composer, his music and writing have found international recognition. Greg Herriges is: a recipient of composer/performing artist fellowships and grants from the Bush and McKnight Foundations and the Metro Regional Arts Council; a soundtrack artist and music director for film and theater; and author of seven (and counting) internationally published music books. Performing is his lifeblood; he gets equal fulfillment playing with cross-cultural ensembles or letting one guitar play him.

As a music director and accompanist, Herriges creates soundtrack music, sound design, and live accompaniment for theater and visual media. Recent film and TV projects include the Archibald Bush Foundation's Enduring Visions Fellows Documentary, Teresa Konechne's film Woven from the Land, Twin Cities Public Television's Incommons IntroductionCapture MN, and many independent / non-profit documentary films. His music is used regularly on TPT's MN Original program. He provides live Indian music for Children's Stories from India by actor/director/storyteller Zaraawar Mistry of Dreamland Arts.  He composed, arranged, and recorded original and traditional (Russian) soundtrack music for Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard.  He created live and recorded music for In the Heart of the Beast Theatre's Beneath the Surface and Are You Thirsty?, electronics for N/A and Shota and the Star Quilt, and traditional Middle Eastern themes as part of the music team for The Hebrew Lesson. He was music director and primary composer for the 2010-2013 Minneapolis Mayday Ceremonies, leading a brass/string/percussion ensemble to accompany this yearly renewal event that draws nearly 50,000 people. 

Mike Salovich:


Mike Salovich performs eclectic uptempo 12-string and 6-string electro-acoustic guitar music.  His guitar virtuosity typically mixes world rhythms, simple melodies and turbo fingerpicking. Think Leo Kottke rifting world music.

Mike Salovich is known for a series of eye candy YouTube videos that capture dazzling images of wildly vibrating guitar strings. An initial video became a mini-viral hit and landed in YouTube’s Top 100 Music Videos, besting Lady Gaga for a day.   International YouTube specter propelled Mike Salovich’s debut album, The Return Message, to rank in Amazon’s Top 100 World Music, as well as invitations to perform around the world.   The Return Message album features ECM recording artist Marcus Wise as well as Marc Anderson.

Mike Salovich’s guitar technique is rooted in American Primitivism, known for animated fingerpicking on steel strings to create layers of notes towards folk impressionism.  His music is difficult to categorize and veers towards the World genre when it beats Latin, African and East Indian rhythms.   Mike Salovich’s influences include Leo Kottke, Peter Lang, John Fahey along with spaciness from The Edge, Brian Eno and spicy Latin rhythms of Celia Cruz, Aterciopelados.

Gabriel Andrews:


Gabriel Andrews is an emerging Australian acoustic guitarist, taking first prize in the 2014 Wilson Centre International Guitar Competition (Milwaukee, USA), and opening for Canadian Guitarist Jesse Cook in the evening showcase. In 2015, Gabriel completed a Master of Music (MM) at the Peck School of the Arts (PSOA), University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (UWM), working as a tutor in The Bachelor of Music program during his studies. In October of the same year, he placed third in the Kentucky International Home of the Legends Thumb-picking Championship. 

In August 2013, Gabriel worked with Italian guitar virtuoso Pino Forastiere as part of his masters program, subsequently travelling to Tivoli (Italy) to study with Forastiere in December of the same year. In addition to UWM workshops, presented by leading guitarists Clive Carroll (England), Mike Dawes (England), Billy McLaughlan (USA), Alex de Grassi (USA), and Lucas Michailidis (Australia), Gabriel has thrived under the principal tutelage and learning philosophy of Professor John Stropes, receiving a Chancellor’s Scholarship and Distinguished Graduate Fellowship nomination from the PSOA in his first year.

He released his first solo album Pathways at the Blue Mountains Music Festival in Sydney, Australia (2013) before leaving to undertake the MM at UWM. In May 2014, he launched Pathways in the US, performing at the Zelazo Centre for the Performing Arts (Milwaukee), promoted by WMSE Milwaukee, Taurus Arts Management, Hausch Design, and the Hudson Business Lounge. In 2015, Gabriel’s composition “Here & Now” made it to the semifinal round of the International Song Writing Contest Instrumental category.