$5 cover

11pm showtime


13 Howell:

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We are 13 Howell, a four-piece rock band from Minneapolis/St. Paul, formed in the winter of 2018. Band members are Deidre Caron (lead guitar), Neil Johnston (bass and vocals), Scott Schwister (drums) and Chris Gerrard (rhythm guitar and vocals).  Some of the bands that we are in or have played in are The Tim Malloys, RuDeGiRL, Buck Aldrich and Spy Vacation.

Deidre, Scott and Neil are old friends from before puberty. They grew up in the suburbs of the Twin Cities and were band nerds together. Many years later but still many years ago, Chris and Deidre unexpectedly fell in love while ordering coffee. As all good relationships go, that then lead to starting a rock band together. One night more recently Deidre and Scott ran into each other at a local club and decided to see what playing together would sound like. Deidre recruited Chris to play guitar and sing. Scott recruited his band mate Neil from the Tim Malloys and that is how 13 Howell came to be one.

After a year of writing, practicing and eating a fair amount of pizza, 13 Howell is now launching itself into the greater world while also considering eating the keto diet from this point forward.

Cyn Collins posted: “Debut of 13 Howell! Dark, shimmery rock, psych-to me it has R.E.M and Pink Floyd elements with undercurrents of Led Zeppelin at times, Joy Division others…Tough to imagine? Come see them!”