$5 advance / $10 at the door

11pm showtime


Boats & Bridges: 


Boats & Bridges is a Twin Cities based heartland rock band providing good vibes and times to all music enthusiasts and show goers. Their all-new EP, “Fine In The Moment”, is full of their capable musicianship, timeless sound, and now is available to stream on all services. The band has toured all around Minnesota and Wisconsin, headlining shows in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Eau Claire, Duluth, Mankato and Rochester.

Stone Arch Isles:


A unique combination of dream-like guitars, soaring harmonies, warm bass lines, driven percussion, and emotional lyrics – Stone Arch Isles' music carries forward the indie-rock torch with inspiration from artists across genres. The group began writing and performing in late 2016, playing highly collaborative acoustic sets around Minneapolis. Since then, they have cultivated a passionate following around the Midwest and played an impressive number of shows ranging from headlining sets at popular venues to a filmed performance with Sofar Sounds Chicago. The band has also made waves online with their well-received series of live, stripped-back video performances around the Twin Cities, affectionately dubbed “Local Sessions." With their most recent release, "An Idle Mind," Stone Arch Isles showcases their dynamic and authentic voice, tackling issues of grief, love, and growing older.

Inland Coastal:


Inland Coastal is a 4-part indie/blues rock band, drawing influence from the likes of Kaleo and The Black Keys. Gaining local traction with the release of “Find My Way” in early 2019, they are getting their music around the Twin Cities by playing a diverse array of venues. Driven, rhythmic beats, carefully conducted three-part harmonies, and treble-forward lead guitars are this band’s siren song.
Lead singer Harrison and guitarist/bassist Grant grew up on the same street and were friends from an early age. After deciding to pick up guitars together, Stevie (drums) and Adam (guitar/bass) came along quickly. All songwriters, each brings a unique music mind to the table and adds to the wide range of sound.