$10 cover

9:30pm showtime

Silverback Trio: 


Silverback Trio is an abrasive contemporary jazz / jam group from Minneapolis with an aggressive and sometimes meditative style of music that encompasses a broad range of textures from synth rock to delicate melodies, all while remaining in a ‘jazz’ sphere. Their unique and expansive sound appeals to audiences at loud rock'n'roll clubs to listening rooms. Silverback Trio is sure to leave you captivated and contemplating.    

Galactic Cowboy Orchestra:


The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra  has been freakin' minds since 2009. They stretch their own musical limits with album after album of intensely energetic ART-ROCK. Definition of ART-ROCK: A type of rock music, often with poetic lyrics, characterized by sophisticated harmonic, dynamic and technical complexity based on forms derived from classical (and jazz) music and requiring performers of considerable training and skill. It sounds so serious, but when you combine that type of music with four fun-loving musicians who don't take themselves too seriously and who have a love of so much music beyond art-rock (which is why the band covers songs from Otis Rush's All Your Love to Whipping Post to When the Levee Breaks to YYZ), you get a bit of magic in live music form. The band writes and performs music that excites them and has a blast doing it! The GCO appreciates and aspires to superior musicianship while combining their love of a good riff, hummable melody and groovy jam... over a jazz/jazz-rock musical bedrock. It all culminates in an intensely energetic live performance because "we freakin' love what we do and love that the fans dig it too!! "