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9pm showtime


BBGUN began in a sunny living room, over coffee, on a Friday morning that quickly turned into every Friday morning. Musicians and songwriters Al Church and Neal Perbix's distinct styles, matured over years of Minneapolis gigs, wove to form lyrics that are both contemplative and playful and harmonies both sophisticated and singable. Complemented by Jeremy Hanson's expert, easy drumming, their rock 'n' roll tunes sound best blasted from the speakers of a pickup truck. BBGUN's solid debut album documents the anxiety and surprising joys of trading in late-night cigarettes for a kind of settling down.

Brianna Kočka and Band


A few years ago, in an attempt to escape the heaviness of loss, and the pressure of confinement, Brianna left home in Minnesota and moved to Nantucket. But in an effort to outrun suffering, she soon found herself 30 miles out to sea, alone with her ghosts.

Brianna spent a year living in both the fantasy of escape and the recognition of the things she carries with her, and Dreamlife, her second studio album was born out of this melancholic longing.

Evoking the instrumentation and mournful harmonies of Americana pioneers Gillian Welch and Alison Krauss, as well as the classic Country vibes of Nashville in an earlier time, her songs are both autobiographical and fantasy, documents of facing phantoms, and fleeing them.
Kočka is joined by her band, consisting of Adam Wozniak on bass, Mike Gunvalson on drums, Zack Warpinksi on pedal steel and Jimmy Barnett on second guitar and harmonies. When she is not on the road touring, she can be found in the studio tracking new songs.

Under Violet


Under Violet is led by Sara Bischoff (Web of Sunsets/Heavy Deeds), joined by members of Invisible Boy. Inspired by a mix of Mazzy Star and vintage country, the music is dreamy and spacious, creating a folk-rock glow for projecting minimal and dark portraits. Website: