$10 at the door

6pm showtime

All Ages

Love Your Kidneys:

Back in 2009, local resident Sonia Brummer Reit went under the knife to donate her kidney to a stranger. She never met her recipient, but due to the advances in science chances are they are living and thriving. Here we are at her 10 year kidney donation anniversary. If that isn’t worth a party, I don’t know what is!

A portion of the proceeds benefit the Nat’l Kidney Foundation. Special thanks to Icehouse, General B and the Wiz, and DJ QueenDuin for their support. 

There are over 80,000 Americans on the wait list for a lifesaving kidney transplant. 1 in 3 adults are at risk for kidney disease. Love Your Kidneys!

Fueled by passion and urgency, National Kidney Foundation is a lifeline for all people affected by kidney disease. As pioneers of scientific research and innovation, NKF focuses on the whole patient through the lens of kidney health. Relentless in their work, they enhance lives through action, education and accelerating change. Support the NKF here.

General B and the Wiz :

2017-12-09 General B and the Wiz-Kitty Cat Klub-Darin Kamnetz-154.jpg

General B and the Wiz is made up of a few really nice jazz boys who are into some really weird, yet wholesome, stuff. The band connects with you, specifically, by writing songs from the heart and putting on high-energy performances that will melt your face and tickle your senses from the inside out. As collaborative songwriters, General B and the Wiz delivers high-energy music that will keep you laughing, dancing, and rocking to your heart's content until you eventually die someday.

QueenDuin :

IMG_5021 (1).JPG

QueenDuin aka Vanessa Duina Hernandez is an up and coming andro, queer Latinx DJ and vocalist in the Twin Cities. QueenDuin's magnetic and musical vibrations encompass the turn up and sensual liveliness that fits comfortably in any venue. From reggaeton and cumbia vibes to trap soul and electro-dance pop. QueenDuin features a span of music of music you can't help but move your body to.