$6 advance / $8 at the door

6pm showtime

Anna Stine:

Anna Stine is a midwest-based musical artist driven by the trials and triumphs that make us most human. Likened to the sounds of powerful female artists such as Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, and Billie Holiday (Mike Pengra, MPR), Stine blends together her love of honest folks songs and haunting jazz melodies to create music that invites audiences to connect to their own stories. Stine's experiences as a music therapist have given her a unique understanding of the ways that music can enrapture and transform us, and she seeks to manifest this through her intentional presence and performance.

"The energy she brings is blues-inflected with a strong sense of personal narrative; her husky voice, and the slight glissando to her end-phrases, create a dreamy and slightly dark flow of folk and rock-inspired lyricism." -Chillfiltr

Sarah Krueger:

Sarah Krueger is Eau Claire, WI born and Duluth, MN built.  She's drawn from both cities to craft a lustrous folk sound that serves as a breathing foundation for her earnest and straightforward songwriting. With songs that stand upon a moody brightness and authentic vibe, you'll often find Sarah onstage and in the studio with a rotating cohort of applauded artists to fill them out just right. Krueger’s zealous performing and prevailing voice offer a fresh presence to the stage and seem to hit all the soft spots in the complicated space between us all.