$8 advance / $10 at the door

11 pm showtime


General B and The Wiz:


General B and the Wiz is made up of a few really nice jazz boys who are into some really weird, yet wholesome, stuff. The band connects with you, specifically, by writing songs from the heart and putting on high-energy performances that will melt your face and tickle your senses from the inside out. As collaborative songwriters, General B and the Wiz delivers high-energy music that will keep you laughing, dancing, and rocking to your heart's content until you eventually die someday. 

Mae Simpson


Originally from Beaufort, South Carolina, Mae Simpson spent her  formative years knowing that there were plans to do bigger things in  life.Mae set out from the South at young age and began her musical  career in Omaha, Nebraska. At the age of 21 Mae headed north to  Minneapolis. By November of 2017, Mae joined her vocal and guitar  talents with Jorgen Wadkins on guitar and Ricardo Romero on percussion.  Influences by blues, soul, funk and folk, the trio quickly realized  their collaborative efforts had a sound worth pursuing. The band quickly  added Keaton Judy on saxophone, Paul Pederson on Trumpet, Dave  Kellermann on bass and drummer Scott Thomson. Whether the venue is small  and intimate, or raucous and roaring, the band members’ contagious  connection draws the audience into each note.