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11pm showtime



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Self-Evident is a three-piece experimental rock band from Minneapolis. Over the course of 7 full-lengths & multiple EPs, Self-Evident have cultivated and evolved a unique sound all their own: a dynamic blend of melody, dissonance and dexterity. 

“With bands like Self-Evident, I cannot begin to consider where the starting point might be for a song or how they get to the end. It seems as if there is a satellite navigation set up to go from A to Z, via every letter of the alphabet but not in the logical order one would expect. That’s what I love about this math-like approach when it is done as well as it is on We Built A Fortress on Short Notice.” 4/5 stars - Rich Cocksedge, Punknews.org

“Imagine Shellac’s 1000 Hurts stripped of its hardcore elements. Keep the driving guitar, but make it more textural than pummeliing, and the shouted lyrics, sungy with ferocious conviction. Now, add some jazz-like grooves to soften it up.” Exclaim!

Hardcore Crayons:


Twin Cities' Hardcore Crayons is a unique blend of math and post rock intertwined with elements of jazz & dub. 

"Hardcore Crayons is not a hardcore band, per se. That’s not to say the tunes aren’t punk, though. This is some pretty wild, instrumental and “free-thinking” music. It’s all over the goddamn place. From free jazz to mid-period Bad Brains, The Cows, or Faith No More. Some real nineties shit. Insanely well recorded and performed. Would be a great movie soundtrack."  –Steve Adamyk,  razorcake.org 

"Zozzled is something worth tripping out on, and you can do it without the drugs. From tightly strung guitar grooves that call to mind the The Moon & Antartica–era Modest Mouse to sludgy riffs and solos, Zozzled is entirely entertaining. The album walks a thin line between the erratic riffs of math rock and slower riffs that instigate head banging. With a few sputtered horn solos and even fewer vocal performances, Hardcore Crayons makes it clear that their sound is not to be pigeonholed to a single genre. The best way to imagine their quasi-experimental sound is given right in their name. Crayons are youthful and dynamic in color, and if the artist prefers a heavy tone, you get one messy but enjoyable creation."  –Justin Gallegos,  slugmag.com