$8 advance / $10 at the door

6pm showtime


mestifonia ice house.jpg

Mestifonía is a Minnesota-based band that blends Colombian, Bolivian, and American talent in  a unique setlist of styles from the Iberian Peninsula and South America, bringing to life the sounds of fado, flamenco, cueca, tango, bolero and more. Within the “Latin-music" field, Mestifonía is recognized for its vibrant and uncommon instrumentation and for creating layers of timbre and cultural fusion.

The group started as a duo at McNally Smith College of Music formed by Singer Paula Argüello (Colombia) and guitarist Gabo Blondel (Bolivia). Two young international students that came together out of a shared love for the folk music of South America and the desire to learn the music of the Iberian Peninsula, a place that so deeply influenced the history and culture of their countries. The talented duo then invited cellist Julia Floberg and percussionist Zakh Peterson (Minnesota) into the group, creating additional layers of timbre and cultural fusion.



V4loops is a duet with a new concept for looping that creates music mixing generes from Progressive Rock to South American traditional music. Combining modern instruments like guitar and synths with native instruments from the Andean mountains like the kena, zampoñas, cajon and more V4loops is reshaping the concept of looping in the Twin Cities.