$8 in advance/$10 at the door

10:30pm doors/11pm showtime




Gentle Leader XIV:

(Chicago, IL)


Gentle Leader XIV conjures the unholy ghost of modern life while warming around the fire of a domesticated mythology. A friend long gone, a beloved object stolen, a bird on the open ocean, adrift, all from the comfort of your couch. TVs flash from apartment windows, pieces of people’s interior lives, caring for the ones they love despite the darkness. Gentle Leader XIV pulls on synth heavy, chorus filled 80s heart strings without diving deep into nostalgia, evoking emotional memory over a gray template of realism. It’s pop without future, love without romance, survival with an undercurrent of persistent loss. New Wave, Post Punk, damaged vibes filtered through a pop machine that keeps turning out the hits. Why keep the radio on when the song is in your head? Gentle Leader XIV is Maria Jenkins (Hollows), Lisa McDuffie, and Jeffrey Tucholski (Running).

Channels is the debut LP from Chicago sultry synthpop band Gentle Leader XIV. At times reminiscent of early 4AD projects like This Mortal Coil and Cocteau Twins, Channels goes heavy on atmosphere and emotion. There’s something sultry and sensual in Gentle Leader XIV’s sound - seduction begins with the beginning notes of “Two Moon Cry,” and doesn’t let up for the record’s duration. A sexy mood is often a playful mood, and such is the case on Channels - pop hooks, synth arpeggios, and choruses abound throughout the LP, making it the perfect record for your next dim-lit dance party. 




The Rope:



The Rope is a rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, founded in 2010 by Jesse Hagon (Vocals), Michael Browning (Guitar), Sam Richardson (Bass Guitar), Matt Evans (Drums) and Paul Teravaskis (Keys). 

In the spring of 2011, The Rope released their six-song debut EP on their self-operated label, Late Century Records. In 2012 The Rope released the video for "Water to Wine."

After a number of lineup changes Ben Rickel joined The Rope on drums In 2014.

The Rope returned in 2015 with their followup EP Waters Rising.







Darkrad is the dark-industrial project of artist Jana Komaritsa. 

Jana is a Russian-born artist, currently based in the United States. has been involved in the underground art scene for many years now, taking part in various events in Russia and abroad, from major festivals to experimental shows. The artist uses various mediums, from fine arts and visuals to music, performance, and body art. She is known for her dark-industrial music project Darkrad and her activities under the moniker DJ JanaDark. 

Inner psychosis, strong emotions, metaphysics and supernatural – these are the main topics of the artist. The art of Jana Komaritsa is an ocean of feelings from the somber corners of the sub consciousness, never suppressing emotions, but sharpening them to a sometimes frightening peak.