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Poolboy is a slow-burning, atmospheric alternative band from Minneapolis,
Minnesota. In 2017, they were named City Pages's Best New Band.
Double Goer will be released on July 27th , 2018.
“Are you not disturbed? Are you disturbed?” The contradiction, the paradox, the
tension on Poolboy’s Double Goer, their latest EP, leaves one constricted throughout.
There is beauty in the watery darkness of clever wordplay, which at the same time
mocks such notions and dynamic attempts.
Poolboy’s development as a band has evolved from reaching out to twist heads with
macabre lyricism to now caressing listeners while simultaneously pushing them
away with musical abstractions and complex compositional structures. The sound is
not as aggressive, yet pulls with a current that is almost schizophrenic. Yes, it is
something like drowning in a river—catching a few blessings of fresh air when the
band allows your head above water.
The atmosphere is driven by chorus and delay drenched guitars that drift from light
licks to crushing walls of distortion. Songs at times hover in an ambient reality
before kicking into jazz grooves. Self-analyzing is a constant—the mirror spinning
from the giver of words to the world. Conversations are had, with whom it’s not
known. Perhaps lovers, doppelgängers, enemies, dead selves, or general bad
apples—these five songs revel in slashing the faceless leaving it up to us to figure
out who’s being cannibalized.
What we do know is the echoes are returned. The revelations of “oh my God, that’s
how I would die...”, stumbling down staircases at horrible house parties, the reverb
rippling through the existential emptiness of modern life, Poolboy has discovered
secrets of itself as a collection of artists and seers who only wish to show us
fragments of what they’ve found. We’re told change has occurred, we wouldn’t
recognize faces, but what they’ve become is shown here only for a glimmer—teasing
us for that eventual full statement of an album to come. —Trevor Sensor





Jennie Lawless:


Jennie Lawless is a writer of sweet and sometimes lonely electronic pop songs. Best known as the front woman of the band Warehouse Eyes, Lawless brings a potentially unexpected background to her songwriting. Her transformation as an artist has been bewildering, moving from writing clumsy folk songs, to winning jazz competitions, to eventually studying opera in Vienna, Austria. Now a classically trained musician, Lawless has decided to throw all of her education in the trash and return to her clumsy folk songs with a new edge. She might finally be making the music she wanted to make all along.




Warren Thomas Fenzi:



Born in California and raised in Arizona, Warren Thomas Fenzi embraces his South-Western roots through the exploration of genre melding and alternative writing styles with what he calls, "Turquoise Rock" compositions and arrangements. The group concocts natural, organic tones while exploring the colorful palette of electronics and effects. The group has established themselves as a band to watch! 

"Weaving a wonderful tapestry that hints at warm desert nights...just the right amount of smooth, warm desert breeze"- Twin Cities Media.net

"Aiming to give people a sense of discovery"- LaCrosse Tribune

"A bevy of dreamy, melancholic-pop tunes, replete with full instrumentation that extends from your expected drums, guitars, etc – all the way through strings and brass" -Reviler.org