$6 in advance/$8 at the door

10:30pm doors/11pm showtime


DJ set by Mitchell Sigurdson of Worldwide Discotheque


Lazy Scorsese:


Lazy Scorsese is a psychedelic rock band that combines elements of folk, funk, pop, & shoegaze to create lush soundscapes centered around themes of love, interconnectedness, seeking truth, counter-culture, & the daily musings seen from the vantage point of Lazy Scorsese.




Red Mountain:


There is a great deal of spectacle surrounding Red Mountain performances, but the style doesn’t trump the substance. The band’s debut album Scowl Lightly was voted Best Album of 2014 by readers of Perfect Duluth Day, and the record didn’t include fire dancers, aerialists or sequin costumes. Live shows, on the other hand, could include any of those things and more. Anton Jimenez-Kloeckl and his Rhodes piano lead this avant-garde bohemian pop band, which has grown over the years to become a roughly nine-piece ensemble. The roster includes Grace Holden on trumpet, Erin Tope on tambourine, “Big Rig” Matt Mobley on bass, Cory Coffman on drums, Charlotte Montgomery on percussion, Soren Dietzel on clarinet and saxophone, “Gold Tooth” Jeremy Ehlert on bass and Becca DeBoer on trombone. Intertwined on stage with extra shakers, cow bells, whistling and yelling they create a feel-good dancing extravaganza.

"I am a composer, a collaborator, and a driven performer. I write Baroque pop music for the Duluth-based band Red Mountain. Red Mountain is a collective of musicians and dancers focused on creating multi-disciplinary music and performances. I am inspired a great deal
by spectacle, cultural merriment, and street theater. I believe in the power of infectious joy. I am influenced by the music of eastern Europe and the 1960s UK pop, as well as the Creole swamp pop-soul from Louisiana."