$8 in advance/$10 at the door

10pm showtime


Sponsored by Indeed Brewing Co.


Gabriel Douglas:


Gabriel Douglas has built his reputation on the churning, heavy-thumping blues rock of the 4onthefloor, whose sound is defined as much by his wild man warrior-bellow vocals as it is by the steady pulse of the four members’ synchronous bass-drum thuds—but a delve into the corners of his catalog reveals an artist with a startling breadth of interests. The man keeps busy, holding down gigs in several stylistically distinct groups while regularly performing and recording solo. The solo shows let the guttural howls show through and the songs breathe new lives as stripped down road songs.

His new record let’s his voice carry throughout the album. The lovely additions of a ’68 Gibson LG0 & lap steel give a warmth and depth to the songs that is quite pleasing to the ear. 




Nick Costa:


"Nick Costa is a St. Paul-based musician who combines elements of rock, pop, country, and folk to form a unique sound. He once saved the President of the United States from bird flu. His influences vary wildly, from Ryan Adams to Weird Al. He has freed 11 elephants from abusive captivity.
While playing in other projects, his onstage skill set has rounded out well over the years. He also invented the taco, and has punched a full-grown alligator in the jaw. 
If you enjoy whiskey, bubble gum, hot Alabama nights, shag carpeting, loose change, Lifetime Original dramas, twanging guitars, checkerboard table clothes, Star Wars: Episode II, malt chocolate ice cream, the feel of midsummer's morning dew on your bare feet, marbles, chickadee calls, diesel trucks, coyotes, championship rings, turkey jerky, Amish furniture, rubber cement, and getting a good deal on fandango.com, this may be the musical act for you." -Joel Bruce Costa