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5pm doors/8pm showtime




Rachel Kurtz:


Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter Rachel Kurtz is lighting a bonfire with her new 13-song album of original soul, Americana, and blues tracks titled Love, Rachel Kurtz. 

Love, Rachel Kurtz, follows in the footsteps of gospel-activist diva Mavis Staples, while contributing to the neo-soul revivalist movement spearheaded by like-minded artists Alabama Shakes, Adele, and Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings. This is the moment, and this is the music, that will introduce the power and heat of Rachel Kurtz’s voice to a whole new audience; a fire enough to be seen across the land whose roots music it draws from.

Rachel Kurtz found national acclaim raising awareness for world hunger, hurricane relief, and multi-cultural reconciliation -  electrifying crowds in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome, New Orleans’ Superdome, Texas’ Alamo Dome, and hundreds of other concert venues from coast to coast.

This record is soaked with sexiness, loneliness, and fierce motherhood. Kurtz sings her heart out with an unflinchingly honest voice, and means every single word. Longtime fans of Kurtz will be delighted and surprised by this record. Love, Rachel Kurtz invites you in and lets you know you are to alone. The album grabs your hand and invites you to the dance floor from the first notes. “Lioness” is an anthem of womanhood and motherhood. The record closes with “Single Parenting” for anyone that understands the stark reality of raising children alone. 

Preorder the album now, and mark your calendars for the Wednesday June 13th CD Release Party at Icehouse in Minneapolis.




Said Kelley:


Minnesota native, Kelley Larson, became a musician the moment she picked up a pen and paper and started writing lyrics at age 12. Since then she's never turned back from her passion for music and singing. Larson pulls her whimsical sounds from the things that inspire her most - her three beautiful children, husband and family. 

Kelley started off her seasoned career in a punk band, The Red Line Diary and spent a short time out in San Diego playing in a cover band, Keith Keifer and The All Stars, before moving back to Minnesota to marry her husband. 

After taking a short break from music to take care of her children, Kelley Larson is back in the music scene. Traditionally all her songs are written by her but Larson is giving way to news sounds as she opens doors to things like acoustic versions of Outkast's Hey Ya! She's also dabbling in collaborative song writing and performance with fellow artists. 
Look for Larson in and around the Twin-Cities. Open mics, small gigs, spoken word sessions, she'll be there ready to display her vocal talents. 

Heather grew up surrounded by music. As a child she would hear her mother, a music teacher, coaching her students in the studio below her bedroom. Once age 4 came around, it was decided that she too would pick up an instrument: the violin. This was not the only instrument Heather would learn. Over the years of her childhood, Heather learned piano, the cello, and finally the bass. 

From a young age, Heather did not appreciate high sounds in music. As you can tell, the instruments she has played get progressively lower and lower.
Being a musical child also stoked other creative instincts within Heather. Not only is she a highly talented artist with an eye for the quirky things in life, she is currently studying to be an art teacher at the U of M- Twin Cities. Her favorite genres of to play are obscure ones, acid jazz being a particular favorite.

Musical heroes include: Marcus Miller, Phillip, Stanley Clarke, Victor Wooten, Tal Wilkenfield, Yo-Yo Ma, and Andrew Bird.




Johanna Matthews:


Johanna Mathews is a Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter. Hermusic is a haunting, soulful and contemplative. We live in a quickly changing world where sexual and racial discrimination, poverty, terrorism and the like provoke questions about an individual's purpose. Music creates a space for simultaneous observation of our reality. The struggle is real and so is the downright breathtaking wonder of existence. Let’s talk about it.




Jessica Smith:

(Eustace the Dragon)


Eustace the Dragon are a half country / half city musical friend trio consisting of Jessica Smith, Danny Churchill, and Amanda Churchill. They make beautiful, low-fi folk melodies that are decidedly rich in anywhere from two to seven part harmonies. Their new dreamy folk record, Glad Friends, has been a long time coming - produced by the Homestead Records, mixed and mastered by Knol Tate, each of whom lovingly shared the Dragon's determination to let this record feel a little less like a studio, and a little more like a campfire hang.