$5 at the door

10pm showtime




Star Child:


Star Child is a marriage of influences from 1970’s UK punk classics, hard driving rock and roll, power-pop and soul. Anti-capitalist, anti-status, anti-racist, and pro self-identification, they explore the challenges of living in a broken society ruled by manipulative, self-serving, planet-destroying politicians and war mongers. They look to find the truth in the stars, and the love of their own communities. They return their light illuminating the beauty, struggle, and strength among the intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality.

Featuring the unrestrained vocals and lyrics of Joy Spika (Southside Desire/Dirty Diamonds), Angie Oase’s raw and moody vocals/guitar (Pennyroyal), leading and deviant bass lines from Julia Jennings (Delicious, Night Crusade), Dylan Marchant’s punchy guitar, and drumming out the hardcore heartbeat of the band, newcomer Angie Raschio.

The band is releasing their first demo on cassette tape and digital files via Bandcamp. They are also on the line-up for  this summer’s Memory Lanes Block Party and PRIDE festival.



The Smokes:


The Smokes are a rock band made of the booming soul-influenced voice and lofi riffs of Himes Alexander with the raw aggressive beats of Matt Slater on drums and the smooth precision of Chloe Carson on bass.  Their music echoes the sounds of The Sonics and the dirty garage rock of the 90’s.  They play with reckless abandon that is evocative of a time when rock was fun, unhinged, and honest.  Their upbeat and whimsical personalities exist in stark juxtaposition to the intensely personal and honest subject matter of their lyrics. 





On a snowy day in January 2016 in a dark, wet, dingy basement three boys became brothers. Kathy Callahan, Natalie Klemond, and Jaz McGill came together to create to the melodic pop punk trio that they are today. With influences from Hole, Alanis Morissette and Pete Wentz their music revives emo feels, in a post-pop punk world.





Fueled by a mod-punk urgency and twin guitar leads, Sparrowhawk are a rock band. Singer/guitarist Johnny Eggerman is the leader of the band. He is a union millwright who specializes in attaching heavy objects to cranes and then signaling the crane operator. Zach McCormick is the bass player and sings backup vocals. He is also a journalist, a radio personality, and a bicycle salesman. Martin Mueller plays guitar and is a warehouse worker at a tile shop. Damien Tank is the drummer. He is also a technician in a molecular biology lab at a public university.  The band is from Minneapolis, could be generously compared to Thin Lizzy and The Jam, and mostly write songs about geopolitical tensions with a personal touch.