$8 in advance/$12 at the door

10:30pm doors/11pm showtime


Special guest DJ Rich Lee



J. Plaza:


Nationally-acclaimed recording artist J PLAZA is a buzzing MC/Artist based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, J.Plaza spent much of his childhood traveling around the country with a military mother, with stints in Georgia, Texas, and Ohio, finally landing in Minnesota. Moving around gave him the opportunity to discover new environments, new music, and always meeting new people. He started writing music at a young age, using his diverse musical background to share his dreams, aspirations, and personal experiences in a way that listeners can relate to. He’s gained strong momentum in the past couple years, elevating himself to one of the Twin Cities Scene’s premier, front running acts. He recently joined a group, FREEWIFI, signed under Rostrum Records based out of Hollywood, California. His recent accolades include performing at many big music festivals such as Soundset, SXSW, Summerset, etc.. rapping/interviewing on different radio stations/blogs, and being noticed by bigger artists such as Will. I. Am., Jaden Smith, and more. J. PLAZA is definitely one of the up and coming artists that will make a huge impact on music and people all over the world. 




Destiny Roberts:


Destiny Roberts, St. Paul, MN native, brings a familiar and delightful feeling through her art; reminiscent of an old school hip hop and neo soul era, with a strong dose of something well ahead of her time. A true artist and creator, she hand crafts, designs and produces everything she does from music to style, videos, photography, and graphic design.

Having learned to produce at a very young age, Destiny has excelled in stepping into the forefront and has quickly established herself as a multifaceted and versatile creator. Specifically creating with a purpose; art that uplifts and empowers young women, as she serves as a leading example of what it means to have wisdom, self worth and purpose irrespective of gender.




Radio Ahlee:


Radio Ahlee grew up in South Minneapolis. His sound and aesthetic derive from a variety of legends including Afrika Bambaataa, Outkast, The Fugees, A Tribe Called Quest, Black Eyed Peas, Slick Rick and Busta Rhymesto name a few. The evidence is seen full circle in his live performances as he combines dance and emphatic expression in a way that has to be experienced for yourself.




Baby Shel:


Coming at you with guns blazing from Red Lake Reservation is Sheldon Cook Jr., northern Minnesota’s hottest new rapper. His Killing Time EP features his fiery verses dropped over some seriously cold beats. Offering two mixtapes that are rife with bones thrown to artists across the board – from DMX to Die Antwoord – this high-energy spitfire MC is entertaining and aggressive.




Lexii Alijai:


I'm Lexii. I always have a hard time with these because I wouldn't know how to describe myself. How can you describe a person you hardly know? I'm not to the point where I've fully understood the person I am. Through my music I'm learning myself piece by piece. I'm learning what I like and what I don't like. Music was given to me, I've never had a hard time figuring out if this is what I'm here for or not. I'm only here one time... With one life to live. I can't be regular.






Tyy P x Jaylap x Johnshrimpnose x sam wayne