$8 in advance/$10 at the door

10pm showtime


Presented by Radio K & Greenroom Magazine



Salami Rose Joe Lewis:


Salami Rose Joe Louis is a multi-instrumentalist female producer from California. Drawing influences from jazz, Captain Beefheart, Stereolab, and R. Stevie Moore, she creates a a blend of experimental dreamy sounds with jazz influenced vocals and piano. After a couple years of touring as a singer/instrumentalist with other bands such as Joomanji (as Lindsay Olsen), Kan Wakan (as Elle Olsun), and collabing with groups such as Bizarre Ride (Pharcyde) as Elle Olsun, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wGYP3T8CQw&feature=youtu.be), Dj Numark (coming soon!), Starro, this is her debut tour with her solo project, Salami Rose Joe Louis. After a bandmate gave her an MV8800 a couple years ago, she dove deep into the production world, self recording and mixing both of her albums on the MV, "Son of a Sauce" and "Zlaty Sauce Nephew". Humbled by the greats, she was overjoyed to hear her album "Zlaty Sauce Nephew" made bandcamp's best 100 albums list this year! Drawing from her studies in planetary sciences, she creates a celestial experience filled with space inspired sounds and galaxy chords:) Hope you enjoy!




Cheap Fantasy:


"It takes approximately 50% of the opening track on Cheap Fantasy’s new EP to get fully hooked in. Beginning as something of a dimmed stutter, the track gradually, assuredly, builds itself up in to a gorgeously hazy pop song, each slightly wilted line delivered with a soft glow that feels like something; like change, perhaps, or the idea of it at least. The opening track on the new EP from former the former Frankie Teardrops man, 'Life Of Glass' is a gorgeous opening point for his latest work, a space where playful percussion dips in and out focus as the warm run of guitars and keys roll on for a near five-minute journey. The rest of the EP is equally alluring, Jordan Bleau’s vision – part sun-drenched half-thoughts, part nostalgic book of memories – brought to life with an elegance that often doesn’t go hand-in-hand with music of this ilk. Both that opening track and its follow-up 'Chain In The Night' showcase the guitar-led pop found on the EP, but central track 'Glisten' is a gorgeous side-swipe; a Drive soundtrack-esque sweep of synths and half-buried vocals that seem to hover like a city at night." -Tom Johnson, GoldFlakePaint