$10 in advance/$12 at the door

9pm doors/9:30 showtime




Y La Bamba:


Luz Elena Mendoza returns to themes of searching, metamorphosis, shared humanity, and a faith that is greater than just religion. 

Born in San Francisco as a first generation daughter of immigrant parents from Michoacan Mexico, she spent her childhood raised by the melodies and stories that were being told through traditional Mexican folk songs.

From the intimate, contemplative verses in her native-language, to the revelations of the history in her roots, her story is delivered with poise. Mendoza finds the intricate space between creation and growth to keep her poetic expression emotionally raw and ever evolving.

These songs are a soundtrack built for coming to grips with, not just one’s own mortality, but the fragility of the world, presenting sounds that carry the realness of ancestral trauma and the search of identity.




Gully Boys: 


On a snowy day in January 2016 in a dark, wet, dingy basement three boys became brothers. Kathy Callahan, Natalie Klemond, and Jaz McGill came together to create to the melodic pop punk trio that they are today. With influences from Hole, Alanis Morissette and Pete Wentz their music revives emo feels, in a post-pop punk world.





Bathtub Cig: 



Minneapolis depression pop ft. Jordan Bleau, Hilary James, Brent Penny, Addie Strei