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Join the Minneapolis-based award-winning Flamenco dancer Sachiko “La Chayí” and her students, beginners to advanced level, for their dance recital FIESTA FLAMENCA at gorgeous Icehouse MPLS on Sunday April 29.  FIESTA FLAMENCA will welcome two national / international Flamenco musicians; guitarist Kristofer Hill and singer Olivia Rojas from Phoenix, AZ along with the local guitarist Ross Fellrath. Enjoy the beautiful dance by the student performers and celebrate their love for Flamenco!





A native of Osaka, Japan, Sachiko “La Chayí” Nishiuchi is a Twin Cities-based Flamenco dancer, teacher, choreographer and organizer.  Besides her work as an independent artist, her current projects include directing Twin Cities Flamenco Collective. She has received recognitions and grants from Minnesota State Arts Board, Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, the Jerome Foundation, the Minnesota SAGE Awards for Dance, and New York State Flamenco Certamen.  Sachiko is the recipient of a 2017 McKnight Dancer Fellowship, administered by the Cowles Center and funded by the McKnight Foundation. She was a resident artist of Zorongo Flamenco under the guidance of director Susana Di Palma from 2003 to 2009. She lived and studied the art of Flamenco in Seville, Spain from 2010 to 2015 which became the foundation of her current dance and work.  





Amiee Elizabeth:


Inspired by an approaching trip to Spain in the fall of 2017, Amiee decided on a Sevillanas class where she began studying under Sachiko less than a year ago.  That trip to Spain introduced more opportunity to see Flamenco and so begins this journey. Flamenco definitely feels like that most challenging dance style Amiee has taken on and she is looking forward to continuing to learn and grow as a Flamenca.  In her free time Amiee works with people in chronic pain, teaches and enjoys time with her 7 year old son and Siberian Husky.



Christine Kozachok:

Christine developed a passion for flamenco after first seeing the dance form 20 years ago.  Since then, she has studied Flamenco locally under the guidance of Susana di Palma at Zorongo Flamenco, as well as many flamenco master artists in Spain.  She has danced in numerous Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre productions. She has studied with Sachiko since 2015. Christine loves flamenco for its intensity, complexity and ability to express the complete spectrum of human emotion.



Elena La Aceituna:


Elaine was born to Spanish parents. Her most influential studies came from Raquel Peña (1981-1986, Washington, DC), Kristina de Sacramento (2011- present, Minneapolis), Tamara Weber Millar ( 2014- present, Florida) and Sachiko “La Chayí” (2016-present).  She has most enjoyed studying with Carmela Greco, Belen Maya, Omayra Amaya, Carlos Rodríguez, La Tati, Ana María Lopez, Juan Parra, La Chiqui de Jerez, and Andres Peña. “I had a 25 year hiatus to work and raise children, but this is now a major part of my life. Annual trips to study in Spain refuel me and help me grow professionally and personally”.



Ingrid Johnson:


Born and raised in Oaxaca, Mexico. Ingrid has a deep interest in learning different styles of dance specially the art of flamenco.  She joined Sevillanas workshop with Sachiko in 2016 and has been taking flamenco classes with her since then. She admires Sachiko for her technical expertise and her patience in teaching students. Ingrid has been living in Minnesota for 13 years and is currently married and lives happily with her two kids.



Joan “Juana Maria” Bren:


Joan sought out flamenco performances as an Architecture Student studying in southern Spain. Years later, after becoming a Licensed Architect, she started taking classes from Kristina de Sacramento of Anda Flamenco Company and School.  In 2007 “Juana Maria” became its company member. For over 10 years Joan has traveled to Spain to attend the Festival de Jerez, Jerez de la Frontera, to take flamenco workshops with various artists. She especially enjoys performing the choreography of Chiqui de Jerez. The desire to learn the technique of dancing with the Bata de Cola led Joan to study with Sachiko since 2017.



Neha Garg:


A native of India, Neha, who loved watching the beautiful hand and arm movements of Flamenco even before she knew anything about it, took her first Flamenco dance class at Anda Flamenco in Minneapolis in 2014.  She has taken classes at Zorongo Flamenco. She has been studying with Sachiko since 2016. Her rediscovery and reconnection to dancing has been a process of exploring herself and the world around her. She is very excited about this opportunity to share her expression with the audience and sees this performance as her important milestone as a solo dancer.



Tianna Patterson:


A native from Minnesota, Tianna’s background is Performing arts, Dance Contortion, and Theater.  Flamenco became her inspiration attending shows at Conga Latin Bistro performed by Anda Flamenco.  She has taken classes with Sachiko and Anda Flamenco since 2017 and hopes to continue her Flamenco study and performances.  Flamenco is an art form which has an influence to Bomba, a dance of her Puerto Rican heritage roots.  She has studied and/or performed with Circus Juventas, Izvorsal Romanian Dance Group, and El Arco Iris Center For the Arts Puerto Rican folk dance, Bollywood Dance Scene, Stepping Stone Theater and Young Artist Initiative.  



Tomoko Silbert:

Dancing has always been Tomoko’s love.  She started to take Sachiko’s beginners classes intrigued by the beautiful hand movements and steps of Flamenco in 2017.  When she is not dancing, Tomoko enjoys her other hobbies such as playing piano, quilting and making flower arrangements. Her family is supporting and cheering her as she continues her path in Flamenco.



Trisha Beuhring:

A native of southern California, Trish moved to Minnesota with her husband in 1983 and subsequently conducted research in developmental psychology at the University of Minnesota and Ohio State University.  She retired three years ago. She has been taking classes with Sachiko since 2015. She has also studied with Griset Damas Roche in Columbus, Ohio since 2014 and periodically at the Zorongo Dance Theatre and School in Minneapolis since 2008.  Recently, she broadened her studies at the annual Festival del Flamenco in Jerez, Spain. She has three adult children and a granddaughter who are becoming aficionados de Flamenco.



Ping Wang:


Ping published 13 books of poetry, prose and translation.  Her new book Life of Miracles along the Yangtze and Mississippi is forthcoming in 2018.  She’s recipient of National Endorsement for the Arts, Bush Foundation, Lannan and McKnight Fellowships.  She’s the founder and director of Kinship of Rivers project. When she was a child in China, she found a card with a flamenco dancer in a burning pile of books.  The gypsy spirit ignited the fire since then. After she moved to Minnesota, she started dancing with Zorongo Flamenco. She has been studying with Sachiko since 2016.





Kristofer “El Cuervo” Hill:

(Flamenco guitarist, Phoenix, AZ)


Kristofer has spent the last five years intensively studying flamenco guitar and performing in Seville, Spain.  He has worked for dance schools of Juana Amaya, Luis Peña, Juan Polvillo, and Flamencos por el Mundo. Kristofer currently performs and teaches internationally as an independent artist and plays guitar for flamenco dance companies in Santa Fe, Phoenix, including Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana (NYC) .  He has performed as a principal guitarist with internationally renowned artists such as Carmen Ledesma, Jose Galvan, Jose Mendez, and Javier Heredia.



Olivia Roja:

(Flamenco singer, Phoenix, AZ)


Olivia Rojas began her professional career singing choral and Mexican rancheras. She began singing flamenco in 2004 and has toured throughout the United States with Calo Flamenco: Ballet de Martin Gaxiola and Chris Burton Jacome Flamenco Ensemble.  She had the honor of performing at the prestigious Tablao Flamenco Albuquerque pre-shows during the Albuquerque Flamenco Festival in 2016. She has performed with Alma Performing Arts, Carlos Montufar - World Dance, Mosaico, Yumi La Rosa Ensemble and Flamenco del Pueblo Viejo and Inspiracion Flamenca. She is Co-Owner of Flamenco Por La Vida along with Angelina Ramirez and performs in various venues throughout Arizona and teaches flamenco singing.



Ross Fellrath:

(Flamenco guitarist, Minneapolis)


Ross is a lifelong musician with a passion and curiosity for music that has taken him around the country and world. He has studied Flamenco guitar in Madrid, Spain with El Entri, Jesus de Rosario and Killino Jimenez.  In Seville, he studied with Javier Heredia and Mark Brown. He has also learned from (and had a lot of fun at) the late night fiestas in Seville. He is a guitarist for Zorongo Flamenco and Sachiko in dance classes. He thinks the biggest reward of being a musician is all the interesting people he meets so make sure you say hello