$12 in advance/$12 at the door

9:30pm doors/10pm showtime


Pop up set by Sub Zero Dance Troupe


Daddy's new Monthly Icehouse residency! Daddy is the premiere Twin Cities variety show and dance night bringing you the best performance, burlesque, drag, music, comedy, fashion, DJ's and all QUEER performance.

Queer, subversive, weird and full of love, anyone can be a Daddy. 
*Consent is MANDATORY



Marcel Michelle-Mobama:


Marcel Michelle-Mobama is a Minneapolis based performance artist working with subversion, stereotype, exorcism, connection, and eroticism. She is a full time producer, performer, director, choreographer, curator, and all around nasty lady. Marcel combines her experience as a black/latinx/queer/trans womxn with a passionate study of movement, theatre, burlesque, and improv to provide a unique, vulnerable, and varied experience. Her work has appeared in Queertopia, The Minneapolis Burlesque Festival, Red Eye’s New Work Series, Patrick’s Cabaret, Soul Friday, The Pink and White Ball, at First Avenue, The Cowles Center, and a few other places. She was a founding member of Carnivale Revolver and Visions of Sugarplums: The Burlesque Nutcracker, and works regularly with Hot Dish Cabaret, Black Hearts Burlesque, and 20% Theatre Company, where she also serves as a board member. Marcel is the resident FemCee of Daddy each month at Icehouse in Minneapolis. Upcoming works include: Lightning Rod (Patrick’s Cabaret), Soft Boundaries (Bleak Roses), and Demons In America (QStage, 20%).




Static Panic:


Static Panic is a conduit for those who are truly passionate about the human experience. The objective: to reach out and express through our collective and unique backgrounds, sharing our journey in the form of music. Music is a truly universal language that everyone can recognize.Our paths are uncommon and tread by none but us; trailblazers in a sea of self-doubt and uncertainty of our own validity. We all have our routines, the world around us and the people around us are constantly shifting and changing. Isn't it nice to have something in common?




The Lady Wolf:


The Lady Wolf is a jewish, queer, non binary singer/stripper with an affinity for nostalgia made fierce. they are a guest host at capital city cabaret and can can wonderland’s yes we can can variety show. they are a cast member of dykes do drag and have worked with 20% theater, capital city cabaret, hot dish cabaret and many more! they are the alpha of the pack, the wolf dyke who’ll leave you howling all night long! start howling for the lady wolf! 





(DJ Set)


Madre is a west bank born cubanx dj, curator, and scene maker that fuses Afro Latin, Vogue, Ballroom, House, Reggaeton, and drum n bass.





(DJ Set)


Admanda Kobilka is a love mutant from another dimension similar to our own.  As snoggybox, they clash up synths and 8-bit glitches using modded Gameboys and old-school samplers.  Ad has been lurking the Minneapolis queer underground for 10 years, recently relocating to Brooklyn to pursue live sound collaborations with various dance and performance cohorts including Antonio Ramos and the Gang-Bangers, Malcolm X El-Shabazz Betts and Jen Rosenblit.  Ad's work for Jen's 2016 performance Clap Hands was nominated for a Bessie Award for Outstanding Music Composition/Sound Design.  In 2013 snoggybox released a cassette on Canada Goose Tapes entitled (0+0).  Ad's DJ sets are eclectic homages to the forgotten pasts and imagined futures of techno and house music.