$12 at the door

9:30pm showtime


Hosted by Brandon Jay Riddley



The Feels:


#TheFeels presented by Visions MergingSoul Tools Entertainment, andJazz88 is where hip hop and jazz meet. It's a night of live instrumentation featuring singers, poets, emcees, comedians and more. The Feels (formerly The Feel Good Revolution) provides a space for art, entertainment, and healing to become synonymous with monthly themes dedicated to removing the stigma of mental health and healthy lifestyle choices. Throughout the night artists will perform content that inspires them to be their best selves.

February's performers include:
Jamela Pettiford (Vocalist with live Band)
DJ Snuggles (Beat Boxer/DJ)
Amoke Kubat (Poet/Spoken Word Artists)
Amani Ward (Vocalist)

Hosted by Brandon Jay Riddley
Sounds by DJ Miss Brit

Theme: Rhythm and Blues: Honoring our throat chakra, also known as “Vishudda”, which means “pure” or “purification”. This chakra is related to the element of sound. Through the throat, sound is propagated into the air and its vibration can be felt not just in our ears, but also in our whole body. It is an important instrument of communication and expression.


Jamie Pettiford:

(Vocalist with live Band)




DJ Snuggles: 

(Beat Boxer/DJ)




Amoke Kubat:

(Poet/Spoken Word Artists)




Amani Ward: 






DJ Miss Brit:


Brittany is affectionately known as DJ Miss Brit when she’s behind the 1s and 2s, and is the curator and DJ for the Icehouse residency called “The Feels.” She’s the official tour DJ for international hip-hop artist Toki Wright, and is one of the founding members of the MN Open Decks DJ Collective. DJ Miss Brit’s sound is as diverse and unique as her client list. With a sonic aesthetic rooted in eclectic soul and hip-hop she tells stories by weaving between the genre’s of funk, soul, r&b, trap, electronic, deep house, and more.