$5 in advance/$7 at the door

10:30pm doors/11pm showtime






"Olcott’s gone dark. Yup, he crossed over. The side we all know that’s really inside him… the anger, fear and hate. A master troll and wizard manipulator, Ryan descents c.Kostra into full possession. His now weapon… cold techno with frightening guitar. Dance or die."





Tekk Nikk:

(Nikki of Devata Daun)


Devata Daun is Nikki Pfeifer. The darkwave artist released her debut record, ‘Look’ and some would say her music is that of a subversive insight to an intellectual phenomenon currently believed to be more than just captured government transmissions, lost shortwave beacons or military Muzak. Together, Olcott and Pfeifer lead the way of this pitch-deviant movement with Pytch as their platform.







Necronancer, aka Nancy Cheng, is a DJ working in digital and vinyl mediums. She began her career in Los Angeles in the 90's and continued advancing while living in Taiwan through the early 2000's until relocating to Minneapolis where she has based herself since. Nancy maintains a particular place in the MPLS underground, collaborating with many other well-known DJs, as one of the few female artists who share her skills and sensibilities.





Illuminati Steele

Ilumani steel.jpg

Illuminati Steele (her stage and performing name) was born in Portland, Oregon. Illuminati is a unique and intelligent singer, songwriter, producer and activist who cites Gary Numan, Martin Dupont, severed heads and Clan of Xymox as her most prevalent musical influences.  Illuminati started out as a local DJ and promoter performing and promoting events in her hometown of Portland and throughout Washington DC's metro club circuit while "moonlighting" as door staff at DC's infamous 930 Club.

Growing up as a child, Illuminati discovered her very intense and moving bond with music early on as a young child.  "I was seven years old when I got my first synthesizer keyboard, it was a Yamaha that had a sound bank full of sounds of ocean waves, sirens, triangles and ghost sounds. That keyboard was like 100.00, so it was a very big deal to me back then".

illuminati also adds "I would like to kill any assumption that I don't produce my own beats; I definitely do and always have. From the baseline, to a synth hook or a distorted hi-hat. What you hear is a reflection of my soul, no one elses. I learned to produce my first beats on a SP-1200 when I was 17.I am not classically trained, but refer to myself as a self-taught "synthesis" and jack of all trades.  I have a fixation for Gary Numan and everything retro-synthwave".

Aside from her music career, Illuminati is an actively aspiring BS major in Legal Studies with a minor in Astrophysics at Hamline University. She is also a multiple tour IraqI war veteran who served in the U.S Marine Corpsfrom 2001 until 2010. When not at the studio making music or studying, she is a volunteer Buddhist facilitator at her local Juvenile Detention. Facility.