$5 at the door

9:30pm showtime


Echtzeit! is a performance series that highlights the exploratory sounds of noise, entrancement and free music curated by Trever Hagen.
This month: 

Fanny Hill

DJ Matthew St-Germain  

Mixed Emotions

Cap Alan



DJ Matthew St-Germain:






Mixed Emotions:

(Fletcher Barnhill solo)


Fletcher Barnhill has fingerprints all over the Twin Cities music scene. His most recent notable projects include the Totally Gross National Product-backed band RONiiA and Fugitive, both projects in which he is joined by Nona Marie Invie (Anonymous Choir, Dark Dark Dark) and Mark McGee (Father You See Queen, Maijuana Deathsquads). Preferring to stay more in the background, Barnhill's involvement in the Minneapolis music underground runs deep yet often leaves him shadowed — a name on a band's roster, but not necessarily on the radar. That's about to change. 




Cap Alen:

(Andrew FItzpatrick and Geoff)


Madison, WI-based duo of Andrew Fitzpatrick (Bon Iver, Volcano Choir, All Tiny Creatures) and Jeff Sauer (Czarbles)

"Cap Alan propels krauted-out, circular drum grooves into a pool of processed permutations, yielding spasmodic glitches and dance malfunctions." - Emili Earhart





Fanny Hill:

(Trever Hagen/James Buckley)


"Brutal Noise Rock or Jazz Twisted Abomination" - Kevin Cosgrove

Trumpet, Mixer - Trever Hagen
Bass, Pedals - James Buckley