$12 in advance/$12 at the door

10pm showtime






Mommy is the new premiere twin cities variety show and dance night! Brought to us by the creators of DADDY!

Queer, subversive, weird and full of love, any one can be a Mommy.
Mommy is for freaks of any gender, soft or hard, hairy or smooth, for the tops, the bottoms and the switches. Mommy brings together the queer community for a mix of performances, dances, live music, and amazing DJs. We wanna get sweaty and messy with you. 

Debuts tonight at Icehouse!




Marcel Michelle-Mobama:


Marcel Michelle-Mobama is a GNC/Queer/Trans Artist of Color with a multidisciplinary background interested in subverting conventional notions of eroticism. She is a founding member of Carnivale Revolver, St. Cloud's premier vaudeville revue. She is also a cast member of Dykes do Drag, Hot Dish Cabaret, and Visions of Sugarplums - The Burlesque Nutcracker. Her work has been featured in Queertopia, Patrick's Cabaret, and the Minneapolis Burlesque Festival. 






gigi bernadette is a michigan-born dj, producer, and multi-instrumentalist currently based in minneapolis. she plays genre-bending sets that take cues from the philly underground club scene where she first began dj-ing. she's also a dyke.”




Kitten Forever: 


"Kitten Forever is a 3 piece punk band born and raised in Minneapolis. They have been bandmates and best friends for 12 years and counting. Kitten Forever was born out of the strong bonds of female friendship and raised on a steady diet of feminist ideology. Getting their start in basements across the city and country, Kitten Forever has since graduated to play venues such as First Avenue, but continues to stay true to their DIY roots and politics. Mentors, matriarchs, and mommies, the band is dedicated to the empowerment of all women through music. A band of bratty banshee best friends, Kitten Forever believes in the power of punk to be constantly dismantled and rebuilt, for every party to be political but still a party, and in each and every one of you!"




Maitreyi Ray:


All day, Maitreyi Ray has been thinking about you. She writes about death, intimacy, and vulnerability through her experiences as a queer woman of color and immigrant. Please talk to her.




Bleak Roses:


Bleak Roses is Minneapolis-based Lakota writer/curator/DJ Juleana Elizabet Enright.




Nadi A'marena:


-- Not known for subtleties, Nadi A'marena has earned the nickname "Bible School's Baddest Girl" for her biblical sleaze and rock 'N roll tease. From events like Kinky Friday and Velvet GentleQueer’s StripClub to headlining burlesque shows, Nadi utilizes her stripclub and striptease skills along with her exploration of queer femme sexuality to create deep connections with clients and audiences. She performs with the Vigilantease Collective, co-produces shows with her partner, and strives to uproot the stigma against sex workers. Showcasing her "delight then devour" musicality and versatile performance styles, Nadi A'marena performs throughout the Twin Cities, nationally, and internationally.