$10 in advance/$10 at the door

3:30pm showtime(trivia & music until kick-off)


*Icehouse Super Bowl Pre-Game Show with #TakeAKnee Trivia (resistance trivia, curated by Trivia Mafia, hosted by All Tomorrows Petty) & and a live performance by ATP! (trivia & music until kick-off)




All Tomorrow's Petty:


All Tomorrow's Petty is not a "tribute" band, per se. It is a (part of a) night that you spend with your friends in (or near) a bar or some other celebratory site/occasion. While you're there, you hear a bunch of songs written by Tom Petty and played by homeboys/girls who enjoy playing them together. If you already like Tom Petty's songs, you're happy to hear them rendered in a mostly recognizable fashion. If you are deluded into thinking you don't know or like any Petty songs, you are forced to confront this wrongheaded notion. You might drink, you might not. You might sing, you might not. You will most likely discover something about yourself or your friends that you were not previously aware of — it could be a small thing, but small things are still things. You will absolutely hear electric guitar, which is widely (if not officially) recognized as the national musical instrument of the United States of America. Assuming you and your friends live in these same United States, this element will make you feel at ease and all the more able to enjoy the invaluable company of your friends. You will not hear the lyrics to "Free Fallin'" (sorry). Your actual lifespan on the planet will be extended by a minimum of four hours, perhaps more if you choose to sing. 


Do you guys play private parties/events?
It has been known to happen, yes.

Do you ever play non-Petty material?

Who is in this group?
Usually JT Bates, James Diers, Jacob Hanson, Rob Skoro, and whoever else shows up. Past participants have included (in no particular order): Joey Kantor, Luke Anderson, Linnea Mohn, Cameron Wittig, Dave Campbell, Jeremy Hanson, Molly Priesmeyer, Haley Bonar, Jeremy Ylvisaker, Martin Devaney, Josh Grier, Andrew Broder, Joe Horton, Frankie Lee, Janey Winterbauer, Al Church, Neal Perbix, Maggie Lane, Maggie Morrison, Eric Pollard, Sarah Perbix, Jenny Kapernick, Mike Lewis, Alicia Wiley, Joe Christenson, David Huckfelt, Benson Ramsey, Torey Bonar, Savannah Smith, Sam Cassidy, Matthew Foust, Zach Coulter, Bryan Nichols, Lisa McGuire, Matthew Foust, Danny O'Brien, Don House, Aby Wolf, Mike Rossetto, and Har Mar Superstar.

Everyone is encouraged to wear whatever the hell they want and to kiss somebody full on the mouth at least once at some point during the set. That somebody could be a spouse or a bartender or your own self. Above all, anybody is welcome to become a member of All Tomorrow's Petty, subject to a cost-free, mutually respectful, non-invasive screening process. Questions may be volleyed by any and all means with the eternal promise of a sincere (if not always prompt) answer. For reasons both legal and metaphysical, there will never be an All Tomorrow’s Petty “album” but you can hear its members playing their own music with Minneapolis ensembles such as Halloween, AlaskaHaley BonarAlpha ConsumerRobert SkoroThe PinesGramma’s BoyfriendFat Kid WednesdaysGinkgoTaggart & Rosewood, and a host of others.