$10 at the door - limited tickets will be available at the door.

10:30pm doors/11pm showtime




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Ladies Night is an evening hosted by Caroline Smith and Ysheyellin (aka Mina Moore); It is a dance party dedicated to the celebration of women, the celebration of inclusion, and a safe place to let your hair down in sweaty tendrils. Let us now take the time to answer a few common questions and concerns we often get about Ladies Night: Can men come to Ladies Night? Yes! You can have man parts and celebrate women and femme-identifying people. We welcome any and all feminists and allies to the gender-equality movement.Why aren’t men being celebrated? Is there a Men’s Night? #allmen? I could say here how frustrating that question is because men’s night happens 365 days a year. I could say that for a lot of women and femme-identifying people, their whole life has been one big “men’s night”. But instead I’ll just say that safe spaces and safe events like Ladies Night (and shout out to the Klituation hosted by DJ Keezy) are important to support, because Ladies Night is one of the rare nights that women/marginalized people present get a break and feel safe to dance without someone objectifying them in an unwelcomed way. If you can vibe with that, then come to Ladies Night and dance to Chaka Kahn’s “I’m Every Woman” like only Janet Mock is watching! What kind of music is played at Ladies Night? Beyonce, Bee Gees, Whitney, Kendrick, Madonna, and everything in between. Yes, girl! What can I expect at Ladies Night? Prior Ladies Nights experiences include but are not limited to: live performances, guest appearances, dance competitions, and a packed dance floor until the lights come on. It’s all love! It’s all joy! Come see for yourself!