$8 in advance/$10 at the door

10pm showtime




tony the scribe:


tony the scribe is worried. Seldom second-guessing or hedging his bets, but worried all the same. The Minneapolis-bred rapper, writer, and performance artist’s work is colored by a sense of impending consequences—be they social collapse or just bad hangovers. There are no dead ends, no non-sequiturs. Spitting real philosophy in dorm rooms or dorm room philosophy on bad dates, tony’s writing grapples with moral and practical dilemmas on scales large and small: city-wide protests and read receipts. And he’s having trouble keeping it together. 

tony is perpetually caught between worlds. Raised in south Minneapolis and coming of age under the second Bush, tony entered the Twin Cities’ vibrant independent rap scene while he was still in high school. He snuck out of his parents’ houses to paper the city with fliers for shows at First Avenue, hiding cheap vodka in his tire well and honing his delivery on late-night car rides home. After years spent studying local heroes like Doomtree and Guante, tony eventually joined forces with producer ICETEP to form post-apocalyptic rap group KILLSTREAK. The duo’s 2013 debut, Janus, is the writer’s version of a high-wire act, a visceral reaction to inarticulable problems.

In 2016, tony returned with mixed blood, fifteen minutes of cerebral, minimalist rap for cold winter nights. His new ep, mixed messages, is something different entirely: an autotuned-out soundtrack for ghosts, ghosting, and being ghosted.

tony lives and overthinks in Minneapolis.





Sarah White:


Sarah White has toured nationally, sharing stages and collaborating with talented artists including Yasiin Bey, K-OS, Macy Gray, King Britt, J*Davey, and M.anifest, doing everything from live bands & dj sets to vocal soundscapes & acoustic candlelit harmonies. Proving that being a mother doesn’t mean you have to drop a beat, Sarah has independently released 2 solo albums, her voice is featured on record label releases from the Midwest to Tokyo and won Scion’s Best Electronic Vocalist Competition in 2009.





Andrew Broder:


Born and raised in Minneapolis MN, Andrew Broder has dedicated the better part of his thirty-plus years to carving out his own singular path in music. Andrew has spent time as a cutting and scratching hip-hop battle DJ, a snotty punk rocker, a challenging and thoughtful improviser, soundtrack composer, working sideman, producer, remixer, beat-maker, poet, brutal noise-monger and above all a fearless, restless and provocative songwriter.

His work is a study in surprise and defying expectation. With his records as Fog, he re-defined the turntable as a compositional tool, and his contributions since to avant hip-hop, electronic music, rock, jazz and metal have been equally engaging, and envelope-pushing. His lyrics are cutting and evocative, his melodies poignant and tart, and his curiosity leads him to unexpected juxtapositions in sound and image. In whatever genre or medium he works, he strives to take the listener somewhere they have never been, or make them more keenly aware of somewhere they already are.





DJ Minnie Blanco:


DJ Litter Sister aka Frrealia Earhart aka Fancy Kerrigan aka Tanya Hardly. Former tour mom turned music maker/time curator, Minnie Blanco found her love for DJing while running events at the Sound Gallery during it’s peak madness. Her selection is as eclectic & adaptable as the range of events, venues & DIY spaces she’s performed at across the Twin Cities over the past few years; R&B, Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Pop, or whatever it takes to make you shake your damn ass. You can catch her at Nomad World Pub with Mixie Dbest where the co-curate $i$; a monthly art showcase/dance party for femme/queer/non-binary performers & artists the last Thursday of every month.