$10 cover

9pm doors / 10pm show


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Muja Messiah

A veteran of Minneapolis underground Hip-Hop scene, Muja Messiah, released his first full-length album, Thee Adventures of a B-Boy D-Boy . The Minneapolis based MC is know for his politically incorrect satire as he combines serious issues along with comedy and street anthems that attract the ‘thinking wo/man’ to his sound. With politically charged subject matter like the powerful anti-Bush song, “Patriot Act,” featuring I-Self Devine and “Give It Up,” featuring Black Thought of The Roots, Messiah is lyrically bursting of passion and his message is stronger than ever!

OG Grip

Born on the green land of Liberia, Monroe would spend 5 years in his home country before his father would send for him and his mother to join him across the Atlantic in the bitter cold of Minnesota.

As the oldest of 10 children, Monroe was a natural entertainer. He aspired to be the next Michael Jackson and would keep his younger siblings entertained for hours with his dance moves and singing. Those aspirations would change forever at the age of 9 when his uncle bought him his first rap tape—If I Ruled the World, by the legendary Kurtis Blow. Mesmerized by the socially conscious message and Blow’s smooth delivery, Monroe quickly learned the lyrics and could often be heard reciting them around the house and at school. Later that year a female friend would recite a verse from a rap she had written called Vicious and Monroe realized he didn’t have to recite other rapper’s lyrics—he could write his own. From that moment forward Monroe would spend hours every day writing lyrics in his notebook. With his distinctive deep voice and gritty lyrics, Grip (as he was now known), quickly made a name for himself by winning local talent shows and rap battles.