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Twin Cities-band Kazyak is the indie craft-vehicle of songwriter/guitarist Peter Frey and is releasing their first LP, titled Reflection. Frey calls the album “an attempt to create surreal, vivid, Dali-esque images with our sound — it’s a collection of outtakes, demos, and b-sides consistent with our history of not-trying-to-be-mainstream alternative rock. They’re all true songs of scenery seen, dreams dreamt, and feelings felt, enlivened by layers of musical and visual, psychefied experimentation.”

The album fits right in to the band’s evolving catalog, following the band’s first release See the Forest EP in 2015, a pick-up-the-pieces collection created after earlier music projects had ended abruptly, which was followed by the Happy Camping EP in 2017, a profession that the band had reached a steady, balanced state and was eager to carry on the musical collaboration. The live line up features Andy Wolfe (guitar), Pat Hayes (synth, piano), Tyler Safranek (bass), Nick Grewe (drums), and Frey.


Reflection was inspired by a trip Frey and his wife took to the Atacama Desert in Northern Chile, featuring a bizarre, weathered, antiplano landscape with volcanoes, flamingos, salt flats, lagoons, wind turbines and the ALMA space observatory.

The album has an adventurous, restless attitude that detours into psychedelia. Even the odd meters feel tasteful and contribute to Kazyak’s creative ambition to push forward the limits of indie sound and songwriting. The LP blends a masterfully creative lineup that glues together electronic and acoustic drums, bass, guitars, and lush pockets of synth with Frey’s associative lyrics and someday-soon-will-be-nostalgic, maturing songwriting. 

The sound finds its roots in the 60s but has its eyes set on the future. Listeners will hear reminicings of Wilco, Yo La Tengo, Tame Impala, and Pink Floyd, while striving to craft a distinctly original sound of their own — attempting to replicate the uniqueness of the likes of Bob Dylan, Talking Heads, Gillian Welch, and the Grateful Dead.

Lazy Scorsese:

Lazy Scoresese.jpg

Lazy Scorsese is a psychedelic rock band that combines elements of folk, funk, pop, & shoegaze to create lush soundscapes centered around themes of love, interconnectedness, seeking truth, counter-culture, & the daily musings seen from the vantage point of Lazy Scorsese.

"Lazy Scorsese are formidable mood makers with surplus depth...Their October EP Grigio stirs an abundance of moods — from dread to ennui to bliss" - Jerard Fagerberg (City Pages: 10 MN Music Acts Poised to Pop in 2017)

Julia M. Wilcox:


Julia M. Wilcox is a pianist & songwriter who started performing the great classical composers such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms before finding her way to more experimental, avant-garde and minimalist works. In her performances, she often finds herself exploring the duality of sound - on one side the soothing, mesmerizing sounds of nature, spirituality, and expansiveness and the other the mechanical, sparse rigidity of the machine-age.


It’s something borrowed

A minimalist soundscape  

Glass, endless expanse