$8 in advance / $10 at the door

10pm showtime






c.Kostra has forked himself into a parallel universe. Normally known for his dungeon lo-fi cassette R&B, c.Kostra (Ryan Olcott) has created a dark guitar minimal techno with his signature vocoder sound. This Installment of Dark Energy will be the celebration and release party of c.Kostra’s upcoming Pytch Records EP - ‘Parallel Murderverse’. Not to be missed.




Nones Proj:


Nones Proj is the first solo project produced, recorded and performed by Cliff Rhymes that has a truly eclectic feel; inspired by intense emotions, experimental dark wave, punk and witchouse, mixing harsh synthetic tones, dark  rhythmic harmonies and ghostly and or punky vocal recordings. Coming out of Minneapolis and very recently on to a stage with a somewhat goth like but intense demeanor with projected images of static and misconduct controlled by visual artist and "stage mate" Alex Drenko play in the background as NONES controls a highly programed keyboard and heavily processed vocals. This is truly a dark and visceral project that he wants you to feel exponentially.  






Experimentation tamed.
Order shattered and remade.

Endif began in 1991 and continues to defy easy classification.

Original sonic compositions incorporating a syncrete of techniques, with a mind-altering rhythmic bent and a fiercely uncompromising aesthetic.

Live performance is emphasized, and considerable effort employed to bridge the gap between studio and stage.




Devata Daun:


Devata Daun is Nikki Pfeifer. Recording artist and co-owner of Pytch Records. Her sophomore record, an EP ‘Pye Luis’, was just released on August 24th, 2018. The EP is a gorgeous 5-song foray of deep soul and Lo-fi R&B. Slow, hypnotic with deeper than deep beats. It is a nice follow up to her debut record ‘Look’ a collection of 10 darkwave tracks. Daun wears many hats and is also a resident DJ at the Dark Energy series and hosted a year long DJ residency with DJ Rowsheen at Kitty Cat Klub. You can also find Pfeifer doing live PA hardware sets under the pseudonym Tekk Nikk demonstrating her fondness of acid, breakbeats and Industrial.