Produced by TECHdotMN


8pm to 10pm

Minnesota MusicTech 2018


Minnesota MusicTech 2018 is where music and technology collide. More than a dozen music & technology companies are based in Minnesota and this is a celebration of them. Produced by TECHdotMN, this unique event features local artists melding hardware and software to push the boundaries of sound.

Robot Rickshaw:

robot r.jpg

Robot Rickshaw is a platform for the creation, performance, and dissemination of early 21st century semi-nomadic robot herder's music.

Ions & Atrophy:


Ions & Atrophy is a progressive metal band who incorporate the use of Jamstik's Smart Guitar MIDI instrument.

Mckinley Hayes: Composer, Guitarist & Producer
Mike Green: Guitarist & co-producer
Tyler Olson: Bassist
Aaron Gates: Drummer
James Granger: Keyboardist