$8 in advance/$8 at the door

10:30pm doors/11pm showtime




We Are The Willows:

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We Are The Willows is an orchestral indie rock band based out of South Minneapolis. The 6-piece ensemble features songwriter/frontman Peter Miller’s unique countertenor voice and guitar, supported by Jeremiah Satterthwaite (guitar/banjo), Leah Ottman (violin/voice/keys), Hilary James (cello/voice/keys), Travis Collins (bass), and Stephen Lindquist (drums/voice).  We Are The Willows craft dynamic, intimate songs with instruments and voices combining to create energetic rhythms and intricate melodies. Their heartfelt arrangements evoke shared nostalgic feelings of love and loss.





Fort Wilson Riot:


Fort Wilson Riot is a Minneapolis indie rock band that fuses genres such as electro-synth-pop, R&B, shoegaze, psychedelic-rock and crooning balladry. This array of styles is tightly stitched together by the distinct voices of songwriters Amy Hager (vocals/keys/trumpet/guitar), and Jacob Mullis (vocals/guitar/keys). The couples irresistibly catchy melodies sit nestled within a beautiful wall of sound generated by Ryan Mach (drums/samples), Jenny Hansen (bass/vocals), Aaron Baum (guitar/keys), and Peter Lavoie (saxophone). The range and quality of the songwriting make for a unique, and captivating listening experience.