Two sets: Davu Seru &  No Territory Band

Davu Seru & No Territory Band have a new record out and are headed to perform in a festival in France. Come send them off!

There’s a Hole in the Wall in the Bucket is the self-released debut album of compositions by acclaimed drummer and 2017-2018 Jerome Composer-Sound Artist Fellow, Davu Seru. No Territory Band features Twin Cities luminaries Pat O’Keefe (clarinets), Nathan Hanson (saxophones), JC Sanford (trombone), Jake Baldwin (trumpet), Scott Fultz (baritone saxophone) and Levi Schwartzberg (vibraphone).

Here's what some have said about the record:

“Supple horn polyphony and perspicacious polyrhythms oscillate with floating, meter-atomizing interludes and a keen command of effervescent counterpoint. Add to that the loamy, sanguine blues at perpetual ready in Seru’s kit both conceptual and actual and the recipe becomes as savory and reliable as an elderly matriarch’s lovingly prepared repast. Ancient to the future in action and sans apology.” --Derek Taylor, Dusted Magazine.

Don't miss it.