Davu Seru and Jindra

"Litigation" represents the purely improvisational side of the Twin Cities
based musician and composer Jindra (Mooter, Animal's Expert at Hankering).
It began in the late nineties as a response to the computer music solo
acts of the Minneapolis noise scene. Jindra's sonic reaction was to wire
guitars and outboard gear in non-conventional configurations and throw
care to the wind.  But no matter how avant-garde he spasmed, his songwriting
voice could always be glimpsed and compositions could be garnered.  

At present, Litigation adheres to it's beginnings but focuses on collaborations
with other talented improvisors.  On this outing, Jindra invites his long time
musical friend Davu Seru to join.  Mr. Seru also addresses improvisation with
a composer's mind and a freedom/carefree approach that is unique.  While he
plays percussion and the skins, you can always discover melody in his presence.  
Jindra will primarily focus on prepared electric guitars and looping, but he always
seems to conjure up vocal riffs and bass (dare we say) grooves as well.

The second set of the evening will include other local guests TBD.

For more info:

instagram: jindraestatemusic