Tonight features two groups led by Joey Van Phillips,  and we are very happy to have him back at the Implosion.  Joey has long been a creative contributor to the Twin Cities music scene in many areas..

Set 1:
Really Big Shoe -- Implosion Debut!
Joe Mayo - tenor & alto
Clay Pufal - tenor & alto
Ted Olsen - bass
Joey Van Phillips - drums

Set 2:
Nathan Hanson - reeds
Erik Fratzke - bass
Joey Van Phillips - drums

About Joey Van Phillips:

At the intersection between the head and the heart, lies Joey Van Phillips. On his latest album Punch Bowl, the percussionist has embraced the true meaning of collaboration, composing all of the music and rhythms and asking friends and artists (POS, Dessa, Sims, Cecil Otter, Jacob Mullis, Amy Hagar, Aby Wolf, Medium Zach, Open Mike Eagle, Mally, Felix of Heiruspecs, Kristoff Krane, Omaur Bliss, Joe Horton) to create their own parts.

This common thread runs through much of the Phillips’ life and musical career, with each musical collaboration leading into something new linking back to his past. On his path to becoming a professional musician, his search to find his compositional voice was “fueled by the urge to make a new and meaningful contribution to an already-teeming modern music culture.” A third-generation drummer, Phillips was a child of the ‘80s who was greatly influenced by hip hop and further molded by extensive training and performance in jazz and improvisation.