$7 at the door

9:30pm doors/10pm showtime





Brian Bradley:

Brian Bradley is an audio visual artist, born in Seoul, South Korea, raised and living in Minnesota.  He is currently performing his new AV show, Skywaves, a journey from Earth to Mars and beyond.  Experimental electronic dance music and synchronized psychedelic visuals immerse the audience in a multisensory, synesthesia experience.  Subliminal images flash before the eyes of the audience as mandala patterns pulse with the kick drum.  A palimpsest of memories, photographs, CGI and natural landscapes are scored by acoustic piano, analog synths and drum machines.  The music evokes an atmosphere of remembrance, like a soundtrack to an imaginary film of memories.  Epic symphonic, trance, and house tracks crescendo to a stellar apex and recede back into near silence.  Experience Skywaves live and immerse your soul in color, light, and sound. 





Jessica Manning:

Jessica Manning is an alternative-R&B artist from Minneapolis, MN.  She draws influence from pop, soul, and electronic music by artists such as Frank Ocean, Solange, and Kevin Garrett.  Her sound incorporates electronic drums and synthesizers to create an atmosphere that her soulful melodies, rich vocals, and thoughtful lyrics soar high above.  What If I Run (released Feb 2017) is a true representation of who and where Jessica is today.  The sounds and songs are all in line with what she was searching for since recording her EP four years ago.  She speaks of the many financial and medical struggles her family has faced.  About the deaths of three grandparents over the course of four years, and the ongoing efforts of a friend working hard to rediscover her worth after a chain of traumatizing circumstances.  These songs taught Jessica the beauty of honesty and what it means to be proud of where you came from.

"Her lyrics are emotive and thought-provoking with wistful songs such as “Skies Don’t Fall,” “Wither,” and the album’s namesake, “What if I Run.” Just a scan of each of the track titles sets the tone for the album’s cathartic sonic palette." - Huffington Post